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Patz & Hall has a new Sonoma home

A winery that you probably didn’t even realize was a local Sonoma winery has now made its move to our valley complete with the opening... Continue

Wine and chocolate is not the point

As you read this, it should be right around Valentine’s Day. Undoubtedly, you have been hearing about a slew of “perfect wine pairing”... Continue

An enduring jewel on the hill

Of all the wineries and vineyards I have visited around the world in my decades of writing about wine, there have been a few that I... Continue

Two great Sonoma events you need to attend

Get ready for a great month of wine events in February here in Sonoma. Two events in particular are really worth your time if you want... Continue

Visiting a different kind of island…

In the latest installment of what has become a loosely-structured series of reports from off the island of Sonoma, I had the opportunity... Continue

Great gifts for the wine lovers on your list

It’s that time of year when on top of all of the other gift-buying challenges you face, you’ve got someone on list who loves wine.... Continue

Notable updates: Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar

For many people, locals and visitors alike, the Carneros Bistro is not the first place they think of for a respite from the rigors... Continue

Notable Updates: R2 Wine Company

It was 2010 when Roger Roessler and his brother Richard Roessler launched R2 Wine Company here in Sonoma, after spending the previous... Continue

Off the beaten path… southeast of Sonoma edition

In my quest to find interesting wines and wineries to write about for you in this space, I do often venture outside the confines and... Continue

Give it some air

If you are like so many wine lovers who open a bottle of red wine minutes before serving it, you’re missing out on at least 80 percent... Continue