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Notable Updates: R2 Wine Company

It was 2010 when Roger Roessler and his brother Richard Roessler launched R2 Wine Company here in Sonoma, after spending the previous... Continue

Off the beaten path… southeast of Sonoma edition

In my quest to find interesting wines and wineries to write about for you in this space, I do often venture outside the confines and... Continue

Give it some air

If you are like so many wine lovers who open a bottle of red wine minutes before serving it, you’re missing out on at least 80 percent... Continue

I love the end of summer

I think it would be fair to say that many, if not most, people look at the end of summer with some sadness. Back to work, back to... Continue

Wine Auction breaks records, funds childhood literacy

Labor Day weekend turned out to be a very good weekend for childhood literacy and several other worthy causes in Sonoma County. The... Continue

We live in Wine Country… don’t forget it!

As harvest is upon us again, this is a great time for my version of a public service message. We are all so busy these days. I don’t... Continue

From off the island: Novy Family Wines

Every once in a while I venture off this island we call the town of Sonoma and tell you about wines and wine people from outside the... Continue

Wine auction to fund childhood literacy

For those of you looking for yet another great reason to attend this year’s Sonoma Valley Harvest Wine Auction – one of the best... Continue

An easy guide to pairing wine and food

For many reasons, pairing wine and food is one of the big “mysteries” about wine. Without getting cynical, the majority of these... Continue

Wineries off the beaten path… south of Sonoma edition

In my quest to find interesting wines and wineries to write about in this space, I often venture outside the confines and easily walked... Continue