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A special wine for a special cause

A special wine for a special cause

Hopefully it’s clear by now that one of my favorite things to do here is to tell you about interesting, unique wines that I come... Continue

Fall is here and so is my big event

Fall is easily my favorite season. Everything seems better to me in the fall. Wine tastes better, so does food. I think my overall... Continue

It’s a good news, bad news kind of column…

This week’s column is one that has both good news and bad news in it. Normally I am one who likes to get the bad news first —... Continue

The new name for Labor Day Weekend

If the Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers and the Sonoma County Vintners have their way, the hugely successful “Sonoma Wine Country... Continue

This is Wine Country – and don’t you forget it!

As summer is in full swing and what looks to be a very early harvest is nearly upon us again, this is a great time for my version of... Continue

What does a gold medal mean anyway?

What does a gold medal mean anyway?

These days there is no shortage of guidance on which wines to buy. There are traditional sources like writers (like me) who write and... Continue

The Other Guys of the wine business

We really do have a very diverse wine industry here in the Sonoma Valley. There are the tasting rooms on and around the Plaza, the... Continue

Three great Glen Ellen tasting rooms

Being as focused as I am on the town of Sonoma proper in general — I live here, work here and for the most part play here —... Continue

Fire that grill, pull that cork

It’s the first June and by now, hopefully, you’ve uncovered, cleaned and fired up that wonderful extension of your kitchen we enjoy... Continue

Remembering Bob Sessions

Bob Sessions, winemaker emeritus at Hanzell Vineyards here in Sonoma, a true wine pioneer, and most importantly a wonderful friend,... Continue